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On this page you will find my advice on the best way to prep for your  tattoo appointment!

If you would like to begin the process quicker at the appointment, You can fill out the Tattoo Consent Form prior. Click the button below to get started.

Avoid  Blood Thinners

Please avoid any blood thinners 48 hours before your appointment such as...

  • Aspirin

  • Ibuprofen

  • Alcohol

  • Vitamin E

  • Fish Oil

  • Caffeine

Start Moisturizing!

Moisturize a minimum of two weeks before your appointment!

DO NOT moisturize day of the appointment.


Keeping your skin nice and hydrated will make the process gentler.

Avoid Sunbathing or    Tanning Beds

At least one month before your appointment avoid sunbathing or tanning bed. Being very tanned or burned from sun exposure is very damaging to the skin.

You cannot be safely tattooed when you skin is damaged by UV.

Get a good night sleep!

Having a good nights sleep makes a world of a difference!

Being tired will make it harder for you to manage the discomfort of getting tattooed.

Keep Hydrated and Eat a Good Meal!!

Hydration will keep your skin healthy and easier to tattoo!


PLEASE eat a big meal before your appointment. Having food will prevent your blood sugar level from dropping and your body going into shock.


I do provide snacks just in case but feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks! :)


  • Feel Free to shave the area before hand! I can do it for you as well!

  • Make sure you are clean and well showered.

  • Consider wearing clothes that are comfy, have easy access to the spot you're getting tattooed, and wont mind getting dirty! Ink Splatter does happen.

  • If you are pregnant, think you're pregnant, or breast feeding I cannot tattoo you.

  • Be sure you bring a government issued ID to prove you are over 18. I cannot tattoo anyone under 18 even with parental consent.

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