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Health and Safety

Q: Do I have to wear a mask?

A: You are not required to wear a mask currently however it is always encouraged. I always wear a mask while tattooing out of precaution.

Q: I am not feeling well, can I still come to my appointment?

A: Please do NOT come to your appointment if you are feeling unwell. Its never a good idea to overexert yourself if you're feeling unwell. Your health is always most important! Even if its morning of, send me a message that you are feeling unwell and we can reschedule. 

Q: I have a wound/pimple/sore near the area I am getting that okay?

A: NO! If you are unable to settle on a new location then we must reschedule the tattoo till the area is healed up. 


Q: Why do I have to pay a deposit? 

A: Its to secure your spot on my schedule. I cannot proceed with an appointment without a deposit. 

Q: Can I get my deposit back?

A: All deposits are non refundable. 

Q: Do I have to pay another deposit if I reschedule?

A: One deposit is good for one reschedule. After that another deposit is required in order to keep the tattoo/appointment. 

Q:Does the deposit apply to my tattoo?

A: Yes! The deposit amount will be taken off your total tattoo amount. 


Q: How do I pay at my appointment?

A: I take cash or card. I use Square for all card payments. 

Q: Can I tip?

A: Tips are never required but always encouraged.

Other Questions

Q: Can I bring a friend?

A: You are more than welcome to bring one guest but, my studio is on the smaller side so they wont be able to sit with you during the appointment. My building does have a quiet sitting area available for them to hang out until your tattoo is finished. 


Q: Where is your studio?

A: I am located in a private studio in Kildeer Illinois. I am inside a building labeled "Sage Elite Studios".

The Address is: 20771 North Rand Rd, Kildeer, IL, 60047


Q: Where do I park?

A: There is free parking all around the building you are free to use.

Q: Can you cover a tattoo for me?

A: I simply just don't have to capability to cover up tattoos at this time. I highly recommend Amy Porter at Alchemy Tattoo Gallery. 

No Show and Late Policy

Please arrive accordingly to your scheduled appointment.  If you arrive 30 minutes later than your scheduled time your deposit will be forfeit and you will need to put down another. Please message me if you think you will run late. 

If you no call no show your appointment You will need to pay a $50 rebooking fee in order to request any bookings from me in the future. 

Where Can you NOT Tattoo?

I am currently only tattooing arms and legs. I will never tattoo genitalia or faces. 

Touch up Policy 

I allow free touch ups up to a year after you have gotten a tattoo. After that year you will have to pay an hourly rate. 

Color Test

I do free color tests! Please reach out to me at to schedule. 

What is a color test? A color test can help show what colors will show up in your unique skin tone in your finalized tattoo. 

Everyone is welcome in my studio. You will never be turned away because of the color of your skin or your identity. My studio is a safe space for all. I will not tolerate slander towards any group because of their identity. 

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