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Congratulations on your new tattoo! What's next? Since your tattoo is an open wound its important to know how to take care of it. On this page I will provide instructions and answer questions you may have!

Lets talk bandages!

Cling Wrap

  • Most Common method

  • Thin layer of ointment is applied before wrapping

  • Keeps dirt and bacteria away from tattoo

  • Remove after 2-3 hours or the morning after


  • ​Medical grade surgical dressing

  • Skin is able to lock in natural moisture to promote healing

  • Requires two applications, first wrap is for 24 hours and the second wrap is removed after 5 days.

  • Best to remove Saniderm in a warm shower

Saniderm Care

Day of tattoo: After your tattoo is finished I will clean it off and place your first Saniderm bandage on you.

I will also provide you with the second bandage.

Day 1: Once 24 ours have passed since your tattoo, remove your first Saniderm bandage. For easier removal, go into a warm shower. The hot water will loosen the bandage a bit more. When pulling off your bandage with clean hands, be sure to hold your skin down and lightly pull parallel to your skin.

Take care to wash all the plasma, blood, and ink away. Be sure to gently wash your tattoo with a little bit of non scented plain soap (no bar soap since they harbor bacteria) till all of it is gone. It should no longer feel slimy and have texture like normal skin. Pat dry with a paper towel (no bath towels since they harbor bacteria) and be sure not to leave any fibrous pieces of paper towel on the tattoo.

Let the tattoo air dry for a couple minutes.

Prepare your second bandage by taking the white paper side off first, apply from the center outwards making sure it covers your whole tattoo, and then remove the clear plastic on top layer.

Day 2-7: Keep your second bandage on for at least 5 days. You may notice the bandage shrink on your skin and create a “vacuum sealing” effect on your skin. This is completely normal.

Day 7: once 5 days have passed since putting on the second bandage, repeat the removal steps from the first bandage.

By this time your tattoo should be mostly healed. Little to no scabbing but you may still experience some itching. Remember, no scratching your tattoo. For itch relief and overall healing I highly recommend Mad Rabbit Soothing Gel. You can also use white non-scented lotion to keep it moisturized until your tattoo is fully healed.

Disclaimer: If at any point you are noticing redness and irritation while the Saniderm is on your skin, please remove it immediately. Please refer to the aftercare instructions below.

Cling Wrap Care

Day of Tattoo: 2-3 hours after your tattoo be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your fresh tattoo, carefully your tattoo, and wash gently with warm water and a little bit of plain unscented soap (no bar soap since they harbor bacteria).

Take care to remove all blood, plasma, and ink since these are the main causes of scabbing.

Do not rub your tattoo with wash clothes or any towels during the next two weeks. Pat dry only with a clean and disposable paper towel. Let tattoo air dry for 10 minutes.

After your tattoo is dry, rewrap it in a new cling film. Use the inner side of the cling wrap as the part that touches your tattoo. Do not wrap your tattoo too tight and the cling wrap is covering the whole tattoo. 

Make sure not to use any special sheets since plasma may still leak from your tattoo. 

Day 1-2:  In the morning repeat the cleaning process above. You will want to do this 3-4 times a day (Do not apply any ointment yet). Continue to wrap your tattoo in clean cling wrap after each washing.

 Day 3-4: Remove you cling wrap one last time in the morning and repeat the washing process. After your tattoo is dry, apply a thin layer of ointment type lotion (Mad Rabbits Soothing Gel, After Inked Lotion, Tattoo Goo, Hustle Butter, or Crybaby products are my personal favorites). A little goes a long way so if you have access be sure to dab off with a clean paper towel. You just want to make the tattoo moist enough so it doesn't scab. Apply 4 times a day. 

*I don't recommend Aquaphor since it contains 41% Petroleum. Petroleum jelly products are not good for fresh tattoos since it can potentially clog pores and slow down healing time*

Day 4-5: By this time the tattoo might start to flake. Be sure not to pick at or peel off any of these flakes prematurely. Any large scabs that may form be sure not to pick off since this can cause your tattoo to be patchy. 

Do Not

  • No baths, swimming, or exercising for at least two weeks after your tattoo. Showers are okay as long as you are not getting shampoo or conditioner on your tattoo.

  • No using bath towels when drying off your tattoo. Only use clean disposable paper towels to dry off tattoos. bath towels can harbor bacteria even after being in the washer.

  • No scented soap of any kind. Only use non scented plain white soap. Do not use bar soap since they can harbor bacteria.

  • Please only touch your tattoo with clean hands and appropriate healing products. Try to avoid animals and peers touching your tattoo. This can easily cause infection.

  • No direct sunlight or tanning for  few months after your appointment. You should always (and I mean forever) cover your tattoos in factor 50 sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection. The sun WILL fade your tattoos fast if not protected correctly. Even with touch ups, the colors on your tattoo will never be the same if faded by the suns rays.


  • Reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have about the healing process. I am here for you so don't be afraid to email me! My email is:

  • Moisturize daily to make sure your skin and tattoo stay nice and healthy. Include it in your morning routine! :) 

  • Reach out for touch ups! After 6 months you can reach out to me for TLC. Some spots of the tattoo may need another pass through. After a year of having the tattoo the touch up will no longer be free and will be charged a regular rate.

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